Schifani no longer indicted in Caltanissetta trial

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Renato Schifani has been acquitted from the Montante trial, as the statute of limitations has expired for both crimes he was accused of, disclosure of official secret and external participation in a simple association. The president of the tribunal, Francesco D’Arrigo, announced this during the trial held in the bunker courtroom of Malaspina prison. The prosecutor Maurizio Bonaccorso had opposed the prescription of the external participation crime. According to the accusation, the crime would have expired in October 2024 because 7 years should be calculated. However, the tribunal has put an end to the matter, everything prescribed. Schifani’s lawyers emphasized that he had no connection with Montante. In addition to Schifani, other defendants such as Arturo Esposito, Andrea Cavacece, and Angelo Cuva have also been acquitted. Also, Maurizio Bernava, former general secretary of CISL, and the Calì brothers have been acquitted in the trial.

Processo Montante a Caltanissetta, Schifani non è più imputato

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