Schifani calls for “only a surgical reshuffle” after European consultations at Palazzo d’Orléans

The article talks about a upcoming government reshuffle in Palermo, Sicily. Renato Schifani, who leads the center-right coalition, is planning some changes in the government but intends to keep the core structure intact and only make minor adjustments. There is speculation about who will take over key positions, such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Education, currently held by the League party. The article also mentions the involvement of other political parties, such as Fratelli d’Italia and Forza Italia, in the reshuffle process. Overall, the article highlights the political maneuvering and negotiations taking place in the region.

Dopo i risultati delle consultazioni europee a Palazzo d’Orléans, Schifani: «Solo un rimpasto chirurgico»

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