Scaccia Biscuit Factory, freshness at first sight

The article talks about the passion for artisanal bakery products at Biscottificio Scaccia, where traditional recipes are made with simplicity and genuineness. The company, founded over 40 years ago, has been passed down through generations, with the current owners being the brothers Domenico and Salvatore. They focus on producing dairy-free biscuits using high-quality ingredients such as Italian flour and almonds cultivated in their own fields. Their products are made daily to ensure freshness, and they have recently invested in a new project to expand their almond production. The company values family unity and passion for their work, and they are constantly looking to invest in technology to improve production and meet the growing demand for their products, such as their artisanal doves and panettone.

Biscottificio Scaccia, freschezza a prima vista

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