Santoro celebrates: “We have reached the number of signatures in Sicily and Sardinia”

“We have reached the necessary signatures to present the symbol of ‘Peace Earth Dignity’ at the European elections,” said Michele Santoro in Palermo. “The minimum number of 15 thousand subscriptions to be able to run in the Islands constituency has been reached. As well as the 75 thousand nationwide. We are continuing in these hours to collect signatures to reach a margin that gives us the maximum security to be present on the 8th and 9th of June for the European elections.”

On the help offered by Totò Cuffaro’s DC and by Sud chiama Nord of Cateno De Luca, Michele Santoro stated: “I know all the signatures I collected with activists in Sicily these days; I did not ask for help from anyone. Have you seen Totò Cuffaro in this square signing? There is only us. We will be present to work for peace and against every war and to overcome this ongoing emergency against the debt-based economy. Continuing like this, there will be no money for public services, school, healthcare, and for workers.”

Santoro esulta: «Abbiamo raggiunto il numero di firme in Sicilia e Sardegna»

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