Santa Marina Salina Municipality donates medical equipment to rescuers

The municipal council of Santa Marina Salina has donated to the medical staff working in the emergency unit of the 118 emergency service, two devices for the management of respiratory emergencies, purchased by the entity. The first is an oxygen concentrator capable of providing patients in need with a supplement of vital gas up to 5 L/min for virtually unlimited time, allowing them to free themselves from the need to use oxygen tanks and reserving them for more critical respiratory cases. The second is a pressure ventilator, capable of providing long-term ventilatory support to patients who would otherwise need intubation, relieving respiratory distress in subjects with severe dyspnea, such as patients in asthmatic crisis or with severe heart failure.

“Following the indications of the emergency doctors operating in the area,” said Mayor Domenico Arabia, “we decided to contribute to the improvement of emergency management, ensuring greater safety for the island community, by purchasing these already functioning equipment which are essential for on-site patient management in an island territory subject to frequent adverse weather conditions.” The Municipality of Santa Marina Salina is no stranger to this type of intervention in support of the 118 Emergency Service: indeed, over fifteen years ago, it equipped the ambulance with the first multiparameter Life Pack monitor, which has contributed to saving numerous lives and is now standard on these types of emergency vehicles, as well as an ultrasound machine received as a donation from the Messina Community Foundation, and two pediatric saturation meters for managing emergencies in children, given the absence of pediatric facilities in the area.

“We are grateful to the Municipality and Mayor Arabia first and foremost for the active attention given to the 118 emergency unit, attention that goes beyond institutional obligations,” declare Pippo Fiorello and Salvo Savio, doctors at the 118. “In particular, we want to emphasize the promptness with which we are asked what can be done to improve the emergency medical service, the ability to manage proposals and needs of the unit, as well as the ability to interact with the Health Authority and the Region in the interest of the patient.”

Il Comune di Santa Marina Salina dona attrezzature mediche ai soccorritori

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