Sanità, Karol: “Align straight or therapeutic community activity will be suspended”

The Karol Group continues to demand that the healthcare facility be recognized with the same fees applied to other therapeutic assisted communities. The president of the Group, Marco Zummo, stated that they will be forced to suspend the activity of the former Stagno Cta if a solution is not reached. For over six years, they have been trying to find shared solutions with the regional health department. Zummo has sent a new note appealing to the health department assessore Giovanna Volo and the president of the Sicilian Region Renato Schifani. They are not only requesting an urgent meeting to resolve Karol’s issues, but also highlighting what Zummo calls the “scandalous disparity of treatment suffered by the Cta.”

Sanità, Karol: «Adeguare retta o l’attività della comunità terapeutica sarà sospesa»

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