Salina injured at sea: to be transported to hospital in Messina

A sailor from Siremar, part of the Caronte & Tourist group, was injured in Salina during the docking operation of the new ship Nerea, which has been in service in the Aeolian Islands for two weeks.

The ferry was docking in the port of Santa Marina Salina, battered by a storm. According to initial investigations, the mooring line, pushed by gusts of wind, ended up under the stern door, broke, and quickly fell on the sailor who was overseeing the docking maneuver, hitting him violently in the leg. The crew, along with the ship’s doctor, provided initial treatment, and on-site medical personnel stabilized him. The ship, after boarding passengers and vehicles, departed for Lipari with the injured sailor. Upon arrival on the main island, at the Sottomonastero pier, the sailor was taken by ambulance to the emergency room. At the hospital, a suspected femoral artery injury was diagnosed. After being stabilized in the operating room at the Lipari hospital by Dr. Enzo Compagno’s team, the patient will now be transferred to the Policlinico in Messina, where an angiography can be performed.

The coast guard, present on the dock, initiated an investigation and questioned some crew members, including the captain. The ship then had to delay its departure for Vulcano and Milazzo.

Salina, la cima della nuova nave Nerea si spezza: marittimo ferito, sarà trasportato in ospedale a Messina

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