Saguto to stand trial for forgery, new trial in Caltanissetta for former judge

Explanation of the article:

The article discusses a new legal process for Silvana Saguto, a former judge who was previously convicted of corruption and is now facing charges of falsifying public documents. The trial is set to begin on June 5th. The judge in charge of the case rejected a request to close the investigation made by the prosecution, leading to the trial being scheduled. The defendants in the case, the Virga entrepreneurs, had their assets seized nine years ago by a section presided over by Saguto. It is alleged that the seizure was not carried out in accordance with the law, as it was decided solely by Saguto and not by a collective decision. The assets seized were valued at 1.6 billion euros, making it one of the largest seizures in Italy. The Virga family has since had most of their assets returned to them.

Saguto a giudizio per falso, a Caltanissetta nuovo processo per l’ex giudice

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