Robbery with an axe at the tobacco shop in Piazza San Francesco di Paola, Palermo: hunt for two young men

Robbers in action in the center of Palermo. A tobacco shop in Piazza San Francesco di Paola was targeted, where two young people with their faces covered threatened the owner with an axe. It happened just before closing time, around 7:30 pm: the two criminals were hooded, they forced the victim to hand over the cash and once they had the loot, around a thousand euros, they fled.

They managed to disappear. The alarm was raised from the shop and the carabinieri arrived on the scene to search for the two robbers. The CCTV footage is being reviewed. At the end of January, another tobacco shop, just a few meters away from the one targeted on March 11, was also targeted.

Three robbers broke into the shop on Via Cluverio, armed with knives and clubs. They broke the glass separating the cash register from the rest of the store and threatened the employees and a customer, who confronted them with a knife. However, the attempt failed: the criminals fled in a car and disappeared.

Palermo, rapina con l’accetta alla tabaccheria di piazza San Francesco di Paola: caccia a due giovani

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