Robbery and aggravated receipt of stolen goods, one arrest in Catania

The agents of the central police station of Catania executed an order from the Surveillance Court of Palermo that ordered house arrest for a 44-year-old man from Catania. Between probation with social services and house arrest, the court opted for the latter, more stringent measure, considering the man’s various previous convictions for robbery in association, violations of weapons legislation, aggravated robbery in association, aggravated receiving in association, and further aggravated robbery in association, all crimes committed outside the province of Catania.

The man, in fact, had to serve a sentence of 1 year and 4 months of imprisonment following a ruling issued by the Court of Appeal of Palermo, which sentenced him for the crime of attempted aggravated theft in association. In light of the order from the Surveillance Court of Palermo, the agents of the judicial police team notified the measure, reaching the man at his home in the San Cristoforo neighborhood. The measure imposes on the 44-year-old man the prohibition of leaving the house, of holding weapons or offensive tools, of holding and using narcotics, and abusing alcoholic substances, and finally, of always informing the authorities when there are serious and relevant reasons concerning health that force him to leave the house.

Rapina in concorso e ricettazione aggravata, un arresto a Catania

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