Rising number of cats run over by cars: Monreale Committee reports to animal rights activists

Too many cats are being killed by cars that drive at high speeds on the road Pezzingoli in Monreale. The residents take care of many cats in the area, feeding and looking after them. The committee, with the assistance of lawyer Carmelo Franco, has repeatedly brought attention to the Municipality of Monreale, the Metropolitan City, and the Carabinieri about what is happening on the SP 68 provincial road near kilometer 2, where heavy vehicles and cars do not respect the 30 km/h speed limit and inevitably end up hitting and killing cats that often cross the road to find food. Despite numerous reports and complaints, neither the municipality nor the Metropolitan City have taken action due to lack of jurisdiction and available funds. The committee has now reached out to animal welfare associations in the hope of finding solutions to reduce the dozens of cats killed each month.

«Troppi gatti investiti dalle auto», il comitato di Monreale segnala agli animalisti

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