Rider protest and block Glovo due to reduced refunds in Carini

Riders protest in Carini. Glovo has reduced their mileage reimbursement from 40 to 35 cents and today, May 8, they went on strike, interrupting the service. Glovo was forced to block the app, citing technical problems. “They have also reduced – says the general secretary of Nidil Cgil Palermo, Francesco Brugnone – the bonuses of the various daily slots. In a scenario where the cost of fuel has increased again, exceeding 1.95 euros per liter, the Glovo platform decides to unload all the costs of business risk onto the workers, continuing to create a toxic business model, where the company maximizes profits by unilaterally cutting personnel costs.” For the union representative, “Glovo and other digital platforms present a distorted view of the world of work, once again touting false rider autonomy, which has been repeatedly disproved by various legal disputes won. In the absence of responses from Glovo, the protest will continue and will not stop”.

Ridotti i rimborsi: a Carini i rider protestano e bloccano Glovo

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