Reviving coffee cultivation in Palermo: a century later, a challenge begins from the botanical garden

The article explains the project of cultivating coffee in the Botanical Garden of Palermo, Sicily, in collaboration with the historic roasting company Morettino. The experimental field hosts 21 plants of Coffea arabica of different ages and varieties, representing the Coffee Belt countries. The project aims to revive the attempt made in the early 20th century to grow coffee in Sicily and create an Italian “Coffee Route”. The director of the Botanical Garden, Rosario Schicchi, mentions previous failed attempts due to cold temperatures, but now there is a successful experimental plantation in Sicily producing the first 100% Sicilian coffee. This ambitious project is in line with the goals of the Botanical Garden of Palermo, which has introduced and acclimatized various species in the past.

Coltivare il caffè a Palermo, dall’Orto botanico riparte la sfida a un secolo dal primo tentativo

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