Return of Volcanic Attitude to the Aeolian Islands: A visionary journey through underwater volcanoes and “lost skies”

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The title of this edition of Volcanic Attitude is “High Depths” between Naples and the Aeolian Islands. From the ocean depths to the celestial constellations, a visionary journey through submarine volcanoes, studies on the sea and their role in climate change, a glimpse into the depths of the “lost skies”, and feeling the temperance of the volcanic earth beneath our feet. Performative works and installations by Italian and international artists will interact with interventions from researchers at the National Institute of Geology and Volcanology and the Institute of Marine Biology.

The Volcanic Attitude Festival returns for its third edition, creating a cultural platform that brings together artists, researchers, and scientists in the exploration of volcanic territories, from Vesuvius in Naples to Vulcano in the Aeolian Islands. The intertwining of art and science accompanies the journey from Naples to Vulcano, open to all the curious and enthusiasts of volcanoes, deep-sea abysses, and contemporary cultures. The 2024 edition program offers a different discovery stop each day, accompanied by in-depth conversations and moments of conviviality.

The article also mentions various artistic performances, scientific conferences, and environmental actions taking place during the festival on Vulcano Island. The event aims to share a non-touristic dimension of the island with the public. The final day includes a collective action procession to the summit of Crater La Fossa and a descent from the volcano with a filmed performance by the Austrian research project Shaken Grounds in collaboration with Victor Jaschk, titled “Trembling Theorem: A live re-enactment of Pasolini’s final scene from the 1968 film.”

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