Researcher beaten in downtown Palermo, Lagalla: “No alarm in the city”

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No violence alarm in Palermo. Mayor Roberto Lagalla intervenes on the hottest topics accompanying the arrival of thousands of tourists every day in the Sicilian capital, starting from the aggression last Saturday against a lawyer and university researcher: the umpteenth episode of violence that exploded on the city streets.

However, the mayor recalled how in recent months “an important crackdown on the chaos of the nightlife – he emphasized – and the excesses that had characterized the initial part of this council” has been carried out. Lagalla presents the data that “do not place Palermo among the top five or the top ten cities in terms of micro-criminality in Italy – he highlights – we are in twenty-seventh place and last if we narrow the spectrum to only metropolitan cities. There is no city in the world that can guarantee that events contrary to the city’s decorum and people will not occur, except for a few idiots and ill-intentioned people who need to be marginalized and identified.”

The mayor also spoke about the water crisis, emphasizing that “the regional government and the municipality are working to not expose the tourist season to the damage of the drought, but we must not be alarmist. If we start saying that there will be a water shortage or that we are heading towards total desertification, we harm ourselves: we might have water but without tourists.”

Ricercatore picchiato in centro a Palermo, Lagalla: «In città nessun allarme»

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