Rescued by Air Force helicopter after falling ill in Sicily Channel

An HH139B helicopter from the 82nd SAR Center of the 15th Wing of the Italian Air Force rescued a man who had fallen ill yesterday evening, while aboard an Italian fishing boat sailing between the Tunisian and Trapani coasts. Once the medical personnel from the S. Antonio Abate Hospital in Trapani had boarded, the helicopter headed to the fishing boat where the air rescuer, with the help of the evacuation triangle and winch, recovered the injured man. At around 8 p.m., the helicopter landed at the Sant’Antonio Abate Hospital where the patient was left in the care of the hospital staff. The helicopter then returned to the Sicilian military airport. The mission was coordinated by the Aerospace Operations Command in Poggio Renatico at the request of the Coast Guard – 12th Maritime Rescue Sub-Center in Palermo. The 15th Wing of the Italian Air Force ensures, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, continuous search and rescue operations for flight crews in distress, as well as contributing to public service activities such as searching for people lost at sea or in the mountains, emergency medical transport of patients in imminent life-threatening situations, and rescuing severely injured individuals, even in extreme weather conditions. Since its establishment, the crews of the 15th Wing have saved approximately 7800 people in life-threatening situations.

Colto da malore nel canale di Sicilia, recuperato da un elicottero dell’Aeronautica

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