Report submitted to Anac on the competition for 46 Rap drivers, names of winners allegedly leaked.

Several candidates excluded from the competition organized by the in-house company of the Municipality of Palermo for the hiring of 46 drivers have turned to the National Anti-Corruption Authority (Anac). They claim that the competition was irregular, as the names of some candidates were already circulating during the selection process and were later announced as winners or eligible out of approximately 2000 initial participants. The candidates allege violations of transparency and public selection principles, including the lack of publication of the internal committee’s appointment, as well as the absence of public officials or law enforcement during the written test, allowing 28 unknown individuals to enter the testing premises and interact with the candidates. Additionally, the anonymity of the tests was compromised, as the documents were not signed or dated by the committee and were handed over to the unknown individuals after the test. The candidates have also brought the case to the attention of Anac and have sought legal assistance to challenge the outcome of the competition.

Esposto all’Anac sul concorso per 46 autisti alla Rap, sarebbero circolati in anteprima i nomi dei vincitori

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