Region proposes two billion for final verifications and blocked payments

The article explains that all departments of the Region have completed the reassessment of liabilities, releasing payments of approximately two billion euros to businesses. President of the Region Renato Schifani made this announcement after a meeting of the council where the general accountant and department heads who were behind in completing procedures were heard. The President had previously criticized the “intolerable delay” despite the Government and Parliament approving the Financial maneuver in a timely manner. This morning, it was confirmed that all verifications have been completed and offices can now start issuing payment orders: 900 million regional resources and 1.1 billion euros in extra-regional funds. President Schifani highlighted the priority of optimal use of financial resources and emphasized the importance of timely response to requests from the general accountant for the production of necessary accounting documents. Failure to comply will be considered a serious managerial failure and may result in sanctions, including dismissal.

Verifiche ultimate, la Regione mette sul tavolo due miliardi per i pagamenti bloccati

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