Red bench installed by students in Palermo one week ago is damaged

The red bench in Piazza Bottego in Palermo, installed just a few days ago by the students of the Francesco Ferrara Institute, has been damaged – perhaps with a punch – the plaque has been destroyed. This was reported by the vice president of the first district, Antonio Nicolao. “It is sad to see the plaque vandalized, probably by a punch, thrown by someone who needs help. But history teaches us that to achieve cultural revolutions, it takes time and perseverance, and this gesture is a violent way to disagree,” says Nicolao. “However, no one here intends to give up and we will continue, even if we have to replace the plaque indefinitely.” The school is committed to continuing the fight against all forms of violence. “Just a few days after its installation by the boys and girls of Ferrara, the plaque is damaged,” says the headmistress of Ferrara, Ilaria Virciglio. “The territory is our home, the city is our home, and the school will continue with great determination to teach students that their home needs care, love, and dedication, not violence. Even when violence towards people and things seems to be rampant, we at Iiss Ferrara will continue to go against the grain.”

Danneggiata panchina rossa installata una settimana fa dagli studenti a Palermo

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