Record-breaking Grandfather in Sambuca di Sicilia: Centenarian Audenzio Vinci Celebrated

A celebration was held in Sambuca di Sicilia for the 100th birthday of Audenzio Vinci, attended by relatives and friends. Vinci, the youngest of eleven children, married Margherita Palmeri in 1956. The mayor, Giuseppe Cacioppo, mentioned that Margherita also came from a large family with eleven children, resulting in a total of thirty-eight indirect grandchildren for the centenarian. Vinci holds another record as the last living person in Sambuca Zabut, as the name was changed to “Sambuca di Sicilia” shortly after his birth by a decree from Benito Mussolini. The administration sent Vinci a plaque and a birth certificate excerpt, along with wishes from the entire municipality.

Il nonno dei record a Sambuca di Sicilia: festa per i cento anni di Audenzio Vinci

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