Rap: Abandonment of waste in historic center reflects a cultural issue in Palermo. City not valued.

The article discusses the challenges faced by the waste management company in Palermo, Italy, as they try to tackle illegal waste dumping and improve recycling efforts in the city. The company’s president, Giuseppe Todaro, highlights the cultural issue of disregarding city cleanliness and the need for stricter enforcement measures. He also addresses the financial and logistical challenges the company faces, including a potential increase in waste management costs and concerns about the capacity of the city’s landfill. Overall, Todaro remains optimistic about the company’s ability to address these challenges and emphasizes the importance of long-term planning and sustainable waste management practices.

Rifiuti nel centro storico, la Rap: «A Palermo l’abbandono è un fatto culturale, non si vuole bene alla città»

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