Ragusa seizes assets of two elderly sisters: one million dollar seizure

Approximately one million euros’ worth of movable and immovable property has been seized by the finance police in Ragusa from a man under investigation for swindling mentally incapacitated individuals. The man allegedly appropriated the assets of two elderly, unmarried, and childless sisters with no close relatives. Between 2018 and 2022, after gaining full control of their finances by co-owning their bank accounts, the man continuously withdrew money and made prepaid card top-ups in his name. After being named the sole heir, he acquired ownership of the sisters’ substantial portfolio, including stocks, land, properties, and cash, upon their death. The seizure order was issued by the examining magistrate of the Ragusa Court upon the request of the prosecution, based on evidence collected by the military during their investigation. The magistrate ordered the preventive seizure of approximately 342,000 euros in funds and all movable (stocks) and immovable (land and properties) assets from the inheritance, estimated to be worth over 630,000 euros.

Ragusa, si appropria dei beni di due anziane sorelle: scatta il sequestro per un milione

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