Racalmuto farmer seriously injured after getting trapped under tiller

He was carrying out work in a field in the Zaccanello district, in Racalmuto, when he was seriously injured. A sixty-year-old man was literally trapped between the wheels of the rototiller he was using and suffered deep wounds to one leg. When the alarm was raised, the 118 emergency medical service personnel arrived on the scene with an ambulance and provided initial treatment to the man, but given his condition, it was decided to call in the helicopter emergency service.

The sixty-year-old was then transferred to the hospital in Caltanissetta with a red code and was hospitalized. He is not considered to be in life-threatening condition, but is under close observation. Also present at the scene of the incident were firefighters from the Cincatti detachment and the carabinieri. A few weeks ago, in the province of Agrigento, but this time in Licata, another farmer was seriously injured while working in his field.

He suddenly lost control of the tractor, which overturned and ran him over. He ended up under the wheels of the vehicle, which was now out of control. He was plowing a plot of land for agricultural use in the Calanninsa district when the accident occurred. The alarm was immediately raised and the 118 emergency medical service personnel and firefighters arrived on the scene.

The firefighters removed the tractor and allowed the doctors to assist the man, but given his condition, the helicopter emergency service was called in to transport him to the hospital more quickly. He was admitted to the Sant’Elia hospital in Caltanissetta.

Racalmuto, resta incastrato tra le ruote della motozappa: agricoltore gravemente ferito

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