Protests in Palermo over evictions in confiscated properties: “Wrong to demand money from squatters”

The article discusses the eviction notices being issued to families who have occupied housing units belonging to the agency of confiscated assets. So far, about ten families have received the letters, with an estimated hundred more expected to receive them. Local councilors from Progetto Palermo, Mariangela Di Gangi, Massimo Giaconia, and Alberto Mangano, have opposed the evictions, claiming that the agencies involved are creating a social crisis. In addition to eviction notices, families have also received notices from the tax agency demanding payments ranging from 15,000 to 35,000 euros for unpaid rent. The councilors argue that the confiscated assets agency should collaborate with the city to provide housing to families in need. They plan to meet with the prefect and open a crisis committee to address the situation. They believe a structural solution is needed to help vulnerable families and children. Alberto Mangano criticizes the government for not expanding housing opportunities for those in need. The article features statements from the councilors Mariangela Di Gangi, Massimo Giaconia, and Alberto Mangano from Progetto Palermo.

Palermo, proteste per gli sgomberi nei beni confiscati: «Sbagliato chiedere i soldi agli occupanti abusivi»

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