Protest in Mondello against rape in Palermo, saying no to violence.

The protest of women continues. The gang rape of the nineteen-year-old at the Foro Italico in Palermo has deeply affected the city and sparked a protest by the women of the Udu, who have gathered in Mondello’s square this afternoon for a sit-in to demand certain and severe penalties. The association, one of the oldest in the city, meets every 24th of the month to protest against war and put an end to violence. The incident is seen as a result of patriarchal violence and cultural ignorance. The association is calling for solidarity with the victim and for men to take a clear stance against male violence. The issue is compounded by a general context of degradation and an excessive focus on appearance. The association is not requesting chemical castration or other absurd requests, but rather certain and severe penalties. The sit-in has attracted attention and even those unaware of the protest are showing support. It is believed that resorting to force is seen as a solution, when instead matters should be discussed, as is the case in international conflicts. On the other hand, there is a dehumanization of the other person, treating them as an object, which is the basis of the distorted gender relationship that can be observed in cases of violence and rape.

Lo stupro a Palermo, protesta a Mondello per dire no alla violenza

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