Prosecution obtains immediate judgment for the daughter of Messina Denaro’s lover

The public prosecutors of the Palermo Anti-mafia District Attorney’s Office, Gianluca De Leo and Piero Padova, have requested and obtained from the judge the immediate trial process for Martina Gentile, the daughter of the lover of the Castelvetrano boss Matteo Messina Denaro, Laura Bonafede, who was arrested and accused of mafia association for helping the mob boss during his fugitive status, managing his confidential communications, and acting as his loyal emissary. Martina Gentile, who has been under house arrest since last December, is instead being investigated for aggravated aiding and abetting and failure to comply with the law. Years ago, Martina Gentile, the daughter of a mob boss and mother of a child, declared in an obituary that she was proud to be the granddaughter of the boss Leonardo Bonafede. According to dozens of seized notes attributed to Messina Denaro, she was very close to the former fugitive, who raised her as his own daughter for years. Questioned by the judge after her arrest, she chose not to answer questions but made spontaneous statements stating that she used to be fond of Messina Denaro when she was a child, but eventually realized that he did not deserve her affection. Gentile, whose father is serving two life sentences for murders ordered by the Castelvetrano godfather, claimed to have seen the true face of the boss, including his relationship with her mother, only recently. For this reason, she allegedly tried to distance herself from the criminal environment in which she grew up, moving to teach in Pantelleria, leaving her hometown of Campobello di Mazara, and embarking on a path of legality through meetings with social workers and anti-mafia associations. The immediate trial process allows for bypassing the preliminary hearing. For Laura Bonafede, Martina Gentile’s mother, the prosecutors requested a 15-year prison sentence in the past months.

La procura ottiene il giudizio immediato per la figlia dell’amante di Messina Denaro

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