Prince Vincenzo La Grua Talamanca’s painting returns to Carini: it was at Palazzo Asmundo, sold for twenty thousand euros

The painting of Prince Vincenzo fourth La Grua Talamanca returns to Carini. The work, depicting one of Baroness Laura Lanza’s family members, was located at Palazzo Asmundo in Palermo for at least 50 years. It will be exhibited in the Sala delle Feste at Carini Castle starting from September 12th.

The canvas, whose author is unknown, was purchased by Vito Badalamenti, president of the association Alla ricerca di Laura, thanks to donations from some Italian-Americans originally from Carini. Essential to the operation was the role of Gianfranco Lo Piccolo, who connected the initiative’s promoter, Vito Badalamenti, with the owner of Palazzo Asmundo, Pierluigi Martorana, and mediated between Carini residents in the United States and those living in Carini.

“The painting cost 20 thousand euros,” Badalamenti explains, “and depicts Prince Vincenzo fourth La Grua, born in 1664 in Carini and dead at 80 years of age. We are proud to bring back this valuable work to the castle and studies will be conducted to try to discover who created it.” The canvas will be exhibited from September 12th so that those who contributed to the purchase can attend the ceremony. “We are grateful to those who helped acquire the artwork, which,” comments Vice Mayor and Councilor for Cultural Heritage Salvo Badalamenti, “will enrich the cultural heritage of the ancient manor.”

In the photo from left to right: Vito Badalamenti and Councilor Salvo Badalamenti.

Il quadro del principe Vincenzo La Grua Talamanca torna a Carini: era a Palazzo Asmundo, è stato acquistato per ventimila euro

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