Premio Kalsa honors modern “heroes” in Palermo: doctors, police officers, and teachers take the stage

“Small and great heroes of our time. Women and men who, in their own small way, try to make history through their actions. They are the recipients of the fourth edition of the Kalsa Prize in Palermo. Among others, the Carabinieri’s Ros, who made the arrest of Matteo Messina Denaro, and the firefighters Umberto Belviso, Francesco Lo Cascio, and Francesco Facella, who saved the remains of San Benedetto the Moor during the fire at the Church of Santa Maria di Gesù. The event, organized by Alloro fest, directed by Giovanni Apprendi, also awarded school principal Giovanna Genco “for her daily commitment and effort against school dropouts,” Arpa Sicilia director Vincenzo Infantino “for allowing the production of the film The Ancient Wine Ship after the discovery of a Roman wreckage loaded with amphorae from the 2nd century BC,” lawyer and human rights activist Cathy La Torre, and doctor Antonino Cartabellotta “for his continuous commitment to public healthcare.” The award ceremony took place at the Garden of the Righteous in Palermo and was hosted by journalist Elvira Terranova.”

Premio Kalsa, riconoscimenti agli «eroi» moderni di Palermo: sul palco medici, carabinieri e insegnanti

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