Porto Empedocle VP arrives with a ball and plays with migrants

He brought a ball and organized a soccer match in the square of the pre-identification area of the Porto Empedocle port. Behind the barriers that marked the “field,” approximately 1,200 migrants who are waiting to be transferred from Porto Empedocle cheered. After the match, Vice Prefect Gabriele Barbaro, the head of the Immigration Office in Agrigento, spoke with many migrants, explaining to them that most of them would leave Porto Empedocle tomorrow and be transferred all over Italy. He then witnessed the distribution of meals, carried out by operators and volunteers from the Italian Red Cross, which took place without any problems or protests following the disorder and chaos of the previous evening. The Agrigento Prefecture, aware that it is not easy for the 1,200 North Africans to stay in an area that is not equipped to accommodate so many people, tried to reassure the migrants.

Porto Empedocle, il viceprefetto arriva con un pallone e gioca con i migranti

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