Police mural in Messina vandalized with black crosses, ongoing investigation

The State Police mural in viale Giostra, created last year by students from the Basile Art High School in Messina, was vandalized last night. Black crosses and a line were drawn on the mural covering the “State Police” inscription. The incident has sparked outrage among the population and political forces, and investigations are underway. The president of the fifth municipality, Raffaele Verso, spoke on behalf of all councilors, condemning the “serious and unacceptable act of vandalism” and calling for immediate intervention by the city’s law enforcement and political forces. Mayor Federico Basile called the vandalism a “serious act that goes beyond mere vandalism,” as the mural represents the tricolor flag and an officer alongside citizens of various ages, intending to convey a message of dialogue between uniformed officers and ordinary people. He emphasized the need to work for greater awareness and civic consciousness in schools and families, as visible contempt for rules leads to such incidents.

Vandalizzato con croci nere il murales della polizia a Messina, indagini in corso

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