Police investigate ongoing thefts of Fiat Panda in Agrigento

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More Fiat Panda thefts in Agrigento. In the past few hours, another car was stolen in Villagio Mosè. The owner, a worker from Agrigento, noticed the theft himself, as he had parked the car in front of a store.

The man alerted the police and filed a theft report. The police have started investigating to discover who is behind the theft. They are also looking into the existence of surveillance systems in the area, the footage of which could be useful for the investigation.

The number of cars of the same make and model stolen in the province of Agrigento continues to rise. A few months ago, two were stolen in one night in the city of the Temples, on via Papa Luciani and via Esseneto. The owners, who needed their cars to go to work, reported the incidents.

In October of last year, two more Fiat Pandas were stolen between the city center and the district of Maddalusa. In late August, three cars disappeared within a few days.

Ad Agrigento continuano i furti di Fiat Panda: indaga la polizia

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