Police investigate after three transport trucks are set on fire at a depot in Palermo

An fire broke out last night in a warehouse of a transport company on viale Lanza di Scalea, in Palermo, not far from Palazzo Gamma. Five teams from the central headquarters, the northern detachment, and the voluntary detachment of Carini were involved in extinguishing and cleaning up operations. Three lorries were destroyed in the fire. One of the two trailers was empty while the other two had a load of pallets containing household paper.

Numerous teams of firefighters are still working to extinguish the flames and clean up the area. Technicians from the regional advanced Nbcr unit also intervened. Polluting substances were also released in the fire. The police are conducting the investigations.

A fuoco tre tir di una ditta di trasporti in un deposito a Palermo, indaga la polizia

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