Police in Palermo perform thorough checks: a gazebo and a pub seized.

In recent days, the municipal police officers of Palermo, during their usual checks in the nightlife areas, intervened in Spinuzza and Valenti streets, where they seized an illegal gazebo and a pub, issued almost 13 thousand euros in fines, and stopped a minor under the age of 16 driving a Fiat Panda.

In the first establishment in Spinuzza street, during the inspection checks, the officers carried out the preventive seizure of a gazebo located in front of the activity. The structure had been built without the necessary building permit, the required static testing certificate, the static suitability certificate, the anti-seismic authorization, and the authorization from the Regional Superintendence for Cultural and Environmental Heritage of Sicily. It illegally occupied a large portion of public land, between the road and the sidewalk, causing serious problems for public safety and was incompatible with the historical and artistic character of Spinuzza street, which is subject to a monument constraint. The owner was fined a total of 1,773 euros.

In the second establishment, located between Spinuzza and Valenti streets, the officers seized the activity because it completely lacked the requirements and permits required by administrative and tax regulations, and because it arbitrarily encroached on a portion of public land for profit. The owner was fined a total of 10,473 euros.

During the checks, the officers also stopped a Fiat Panda car because the driver was a minor under the age of 16 and issued a fine of €5,100.

Palermo, controlli a tappeto dei vigili urbani: sequestrati un gazebo e un pub

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