Police arrest two Nigerians in Ballarò with over 1.5kg of drugs

The police arrested two Nigerians, who were irregular on the national territory, S.K., 35 years old, and A.I., 35 years old, accused of drug trafficking, and discovered and seized two laboratories with a significant amount of drugs inside. In Via Majali in Ballarò, the officers of the mobile team tried to control a man riding an electric scooter who, as soon as he saw the police, abandoned the vehicle and fled. He was found in possession of 81 grams of cocaine. The second suspect, also in Ballarò, was found in possession of 480 euros. During the home check, a kilo and 330 grams of heroin and another 2,670 euros were found. In a third intervention in two warehouses in the Cuba-Calatafimi district, 60 grams of heroin and all the necessary materials for packaging, along with 75 grams of cocaine and 1,800 euros, were found. The drugs seized during the operations, after being cut and packaged into individual doses, could have generated a profit of up to 400,000 euros. The arrests were validated by the investigating judge.

Palermo, oltre un chilo e mezzo di droga sequestrata a Ballarò: arrestati due nigeriani

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