Pisa-Palermo: Arena Garibaldi reignited with ultras, “Curvino” section sold out

The article explains that the Arena Garibaldi will once again be a raucous crowd against Palermo on Easter Monday. The “Curvino” section has been reopened for the first time since 2016, with 520 seats quickly selling out. The availability of standing room has also been increased, allowing for a return to the heated atmosphere of Pisa’s ultras. On the other side, Palermo fans are also enthusiastic, with over 700 tickets already sold out of the 891 available in the away section. Despite their recent loss to Venezia, they are ready to make their presence felt at the Arena Garibaldi.

Pisa-Palermo, l’Arena Garibaldi di nuovo infuocata: tornano gli ultras, «Curvino» esaurito

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