Petralia Sottana Community Hospital, with 18 beds, opening soon.

The Palermo Health Authority has built the first community hospital in the territory within the Madonna dell’Alto di Petralia Sottana facility. With 18 beds distributed in 9 wards, the facility is part of the territorial network and was funded by the European Union’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The community hospital in Petralia Sottana will be inaugurated tomorrow, June 21, by the President of the Region, Renato Schifani. Also in attendance will be the regional health councilor Giovanna Volo, the general manager of the Department of Strategic Planning, Salvatore Iacolino, and the general manager of the Department of Health Activities and Epidemiological Observatory, Salvatore Requirez. With funding from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, the Palermo Health Authority has already completed the 12 territorial operational centers (COT) and is currently working on the construction of 9 more community hospitals (in addition to the one in Petralia Sottana) and 38 community homes.

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