Partinico: Amap demands money, but users’ bills are expired

Water bills delivered to Partinico, but already prescribed. Users are ready to fight through their lawyers to assert the principle, exploiting the 2018 budget law that established the reduction of the prescription from 5 to 2 years for water bills. The Amap, the company that manages the water and sewage service, has expressed maximum openness: “Anomalies have been reported, and we will intervene.” Nonetheless, there is some turmoil in Partinico over this billing. Notifications are arriving in the past days for the 2020 bill to dozens of taxpayers. However, the principle of prescription is intended to be upheld, and not a single cent will be paid to the company. One of the lawyers who examined the bills, Maria Grazia Cangemi, confirms the issue: “Some citizens report having received payment reminders for unpaid bills. From the examination of these reminders, prescribed bills emerge.” The Amap is willing to check these alleged anomalies in the mailings: “In circumstances where users believe they have received unwarranted payment reminders, they must assert a potential prescription by communicating it to the company.” There is a branch office of Amap in Partinico, where information can be requested. Other ways to communicate with the company include calling the toll-free number or emailing specific addresses.

Partinico: l’Amap chiede i soldi, ma per gli utenti «le bollette sono prescritte»

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