Pantelleria military plane faces landing issues, airport closed

An military aircraft during landing in Pantelleria had a problem with the landing gear or possibly punctured a tire. It will be up to the technicians to verify what happened. No one was injured. The airport on the island remained closed to allow for the clearing of the runway and the Dat company aircraft, flying from Palermo to Pantelleria, returned to the airport in the Sicilian capital. A helicopter from the 118 emergency service, which was supposed to transport a patient, landed in a field on Pantelleria. An emergency plan was activated at the Trapani island airport and firefighters and airport personnel intervened. “The aircraft is still on the runway – they say from the airport – and we are waiting to move it to reopen the traffic.”

Pantelleria, problemi all’atterraggio per un aereo militare: aeroporto chiuso

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