Panormus school adopts the city: students will play on the steps of Teatro Massimo

The article explains that students from music schools in Palermo will play on the steps of the Teatro Massimo on June 6, the final day of the Panormus event “the school adopts the city”. On this occasion, the schools will return the keys to the city to Mayor Roberto Lagalla. The superintendent of the Teatro Massimo, Marco Betta, expressed his pleasure in opening the doors of the theater once again for Panormus, a manifestation that showcases the vitality of the city’s schools. Panormus is a project organized by the Palermo City Council’s office for compulsory schooling and combating school dropout. This year, it has involved collaboration from various institutions to make cultural sites accessible for free to the public during the adoption days.

Panormus, la scuola adotta la città: gli studenti suoneranno sulla scalinata del Teatro Massimo

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