Palermo’s wild nightlife: 6,000 euro fines for “outlaw” pubs

During the checks on the nightlife in Palermo conducted by the State Police, Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza, Firefighters, Municipal Police and Asp personnel, fines totaling up to six thousand euros were issued. The violations included failure to issue receipts, hygiene and sanitary deficiencies, lack of Haccp self-control register updating, unauthorized installation of outdoor tents, and loud music with consequent confiscation of speakers and stereo. The controls were carried out in various areas of the city, resulting in the identification of 208 people, 18 with previous police records, and the inspection of 27 vehicles. In the outskirts, patrols also monitored the Via dell’Olimpo, where 31 people were identified and 14 vehicles were checked, resulting in fines for three traffic violations.

Movida selvaggia, a Palermo multe di 6 mila euro ai pub «fuorilegge»

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