Palermo’s scam tricks: from property records to fake rentals, the secrets of income fraud

The content describes various fraudulent practices and schemes carried out by employees of the Agenzia delle Entrate and the Caf di via Cardinale Sanfelice in Palermo. These schemes involve falsifying property records, rental contracts, residency declarations, and Tari statements to fraudulently obtain financial benefits. One case involves a recipient who claimed unemployment benefits while actually owning a business, and another involves an individual who received compensation despite being involved in drug-related crimes. The investigation revolves around a central figure named Francesco Tuttoilmondo, who is accused of orchestrating the fraudulent activities. He allegedly used spyware on his phone and sent compromising emails to manipulate a municipal employee into disregarding the incorrect requirements of the subsidy applications. Tuttoilmondo also attempted to bribe the employee with money. However, his attempts were unsuccessful as the employee reported the incidents. The investigation also uncovered text messages where Tuttoilmondo offered money to clients in exchange for approving their benefits.

Palermo, dalle visure catastali agli affitti taroccati: tutti i trucchi della truffa sul Reddito

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