Palermo’s Poliambulatorio in Brancaccio: A Project Honoring Don Pino

The presentation of the project for the new healthcare center, named after Father Pino Puglisi, was held at the Chamber of Deputies in Rome. The center aims to provide services to marginalized individuals in the Brancaccio neighborhood, where Father Puglisi fought against the mafia and marginalization. The proximity healthcare center will be located next to the Padre Nostro center on Via San Ciro. The construction of the center is made possible by the contribution of Gvm Care & Research, a hospital group specializing in heart care. The center will be built in a confiscated property previously owned by the mafia. Several officials and representatives attended the presentation, including Paolo Trancassini, Maurizio Artale, Massimo Salardino, and Christian Rocchi.

Palermo, un poliambulatorio a Brancaccio: progetto nel nome di don Pino

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