Palermo’s Mafia in Turmoil: Heirs of Old Families Vying for Control

The article discusses the ongoing struggles within the Sicilian Mafia, particularly the Palermo branch, to rebuild its leadership structure following the dismantling of the provincial commission. Despite repeated attempts to reorganize and identify authoritative and respected figures, law enforcement efforts have hindered the Mafia’s ability to establish a new leadership hierarchy. The absence of a centralized command structure has led to inter-district agreements based on sharing influence and direction. The criminal organization remains divided into 15 districts and 82 families, with power struggles between younger and older members seeking to assert their roles within the organization. The recent arrest of Matteo Messina Denaro, a prominent Mafia boss, marks a significant blow to the Trapani Mafia and its connections to other branches like the Palermo and Agrigento groups. Denaro’s capture after 30 years on the run and subsequent death in prison highlight the ongoing efforts to combat organized crime in Sicily.

La mafia senza un vertice a Palermo, i rampolli delle vecchie famiglie tentano la scalata

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