Palermo’s Corini happy to have fans back, says motivated players will play from now on

Palermo’s coach, Eugenio Corini, reflects on the importance of their victory in Reggio Emilia and praises the team’s reaction to the equalizer. He acknowledges the strength of their upcoming opponents, Feralpisalò, but believes that Palermo has the characteristics to win. Corini expresses his satisfaction with the team’s recent acquisitions, Di Francesco and Coulibaly, highlighting their versatility and importance. However, he acknowledges that they may need more time to be fully fit and integrated into the team. Corini embraces the competition within the squad and emphasizes the need for a positive attitude in order to achieve their goal of success.

Palermo, parla Corini: «Bello ritrovare finalmente i tifosi. E d’ora in poi gioca chi è più motivato»

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