Palermo’s Città dei Ragazzi reawakens after five years of neglect

The challenge of public-private partnership is being fought in the field of creative entertainment for children. The “Città dei Ragazzi,” a historic structure with a garden in Palermo dedicated to young people, reopens with the ambition of remaining available to citizens all year round. The place, which will be presented to the press on October 28th and opened to the public on October 29th, had been closed for at least five years. The city has renovated the premises and the “Le Vie dei Tesori” festival, known for uncovering the hidden beauties of Sicily, will now manage the Città dei Ragazzi through a shared management agreement. The foundation will handle the socio-educational and cultural activities, as well as the cafeteria service, while the city will be responsible for custodial services, surveillance, and cleaning of the garden and spaces. The foundation will ensure that the park is open for a minimum of 300 days over the course of 16 months. The entrance fee will be symbolic, and the proceeds will go towards improving and maintaining the park. The city mayor and the municipal councilor for social services both believe in this experimental partnership. A full program of activities is about to begin.

Palermo, la Città dei Ragazzi torna a vivere dopo cinque anni di oblio

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