Palermo transforms into an Academy for maritime professions: agreement signed

The article talks about the signing of a three-year agreement between the Port Authority of the Western Sicilian Sea and the Escola Europea, aimed at promoting sustainable logistics and understanding of port operations. The article highlights the commitment of both organizations to developing future professionals in the maritime sector. The agreement also mentions the collaboration between the parties in creating the Sicily Port Academy, a training project for high school students, ITS Academy, and universities to promote knowledge of maritime professions and logistics activities. The article also includes comments from the president and general secretary of the Port Authority, as well as the director of Escola, emphasizing the importance of education and cooperation in the maritime sector.

Additionally, the article mentions a meeting of the Escola’s board of directors in Palermo, bringing together representatives from Gnv and Grimaldi, as well as the president of Escola and the port of Barcelona. It is also announced that this year, the “Motorways Of the Sea Training” course will have a “Sicily edition” starting from Palermo to Genoa, with the aim of training professionals in logistics, transport, and international trade. The course will combine theory and practice following the Escola’s proven methodology.

Palermo diventa un’Accademia per le professioni del mare: firmato l’accordo

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