Palermo tram works: End random excavations

The municipality has finally won. The major companies that manage sub-services in the city’s territory have been obliged to prepare and deliver documents related to the census of underground gas, water, electricity, telephony, data transmission, sewage networks, and the final program for resolving interference with the tram route layout, the project of sections A, B, and C. In short, no more surprises from excavations that result in trenches to be covered, more stretches of road to be dug up like in a treasure hunt that only causes inconvenience until the right solution is found. Surgical precision is required when carrying out such demanding work; accuracy that can only be achieved by knowing exactly where and at what depth the networks in question are located. A comprehensive article by Giancarlo Macaluso in today’s edition of the Giornale di Sicilia.

Lavori del tram a Palermo, basta scavi a casaccio

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