Palermo toddler who fell from balcony shows progress, says “mamma”

In recent days, the four-year-old girl who fell from a balcony in Palermo has shown signs of improvement. She has started to move and react more to stimuli, and even held a crayon to draw with the help of her mother. She also said “mamma”, bringing joy to everyone eagerly waiting to embrace her again. Her condition is improving day by day, although the road to recovery is still long. She is still hospitalized at Di Cristina hospital in Palermo, where her progress is consistent and encouraging. A few days ago, she raised four fingers when her mother asked her how old she was, showing clear signs of improvement. This progress gives hope for the rehabilitation journey the girl will undergo at the most suitable center determined by the doctors. The day of the accident, she was at her grandparents’ apartment in the Roccella area. She leaned too far and fell violently onto the asphalt. Initially, the worst was feared, but now the hope for her recovery is becoming more tangible. Many people in the neighborhood have been praying for her, and her mother constantly updates everyone on her progress, reiterating that her princess is not giving up.

Palermo, la bimba caduta dal balcone fa progressi: ha detto “mamma”

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