Palermo to have electric buses in a year: contract for charging station supply.

The city of Palermo has allocated 5.7 million euros for the construction of electric charging stations for the new fleet of 125 urban buses that will be delivered in 2024. The procurement also includes slow and fast charging stations at multiple locations. The city aims to transition to a completely electric fleet, presenting challenges for the management and maintenance of the new buses. Additionally, funding from the national recovery and resilience plan will also be used to purchase 18 more electric buses. The goal is to replace the aging fleet with modern, sustainable vehicles. The new charging stations aim to allow buses to be fully charged in 7 hours or provide quick charges to prevent breakdowns during service. This is part of a larger effort to modernize and improve the city’s public transportation system.

Palermo, fra un anno gli autobus elettrici: in appalto la fornitura di colonnine per la ricarica

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