Palermo: Thieves steal two precision scales from hospital autopsy room

Thefts in hospitals in Palermo continue and once again the Policlinico has been targeted. Thieves have recently targeted various departments of the healthcare facility, including the changing rooms, and have now also entered the autopsy room of the Legal Medicine department. The criminals acted at night, tampering with the entrance door and ransacking all the rooms, which were found in disarray. They managed to escape with two precision scales used by doctors during autopsies.

Once again, an alarm was sounded from the hospital and the carabinieri intervened on the scene to investigate the theft and identify the culprits. The most recent incident occurred just a few weeks ago, when a thief was caught at the Policlinico by security personnel. At 8:15, a security guard on duty at the facility was alerted by the switchboard of an attempted theft from a patient.

The man was described in detail and shortly thereafter was identified by Mondialpol staff near the emergency room: he was rummaging through a patient’s bag. The thief was approached by the security personnel, who contacted the control room to alert the police. The criminal, once discovered, attempted to flee but was apprehended. When the police arrived at the scene, they found that the man was in possession of stolen items from the Endocrinology department: a blood pressure monitor, pens, and various modules.

Palermo, ladri nella sala autoptica del Policlinico: rubate due bilance di precisione

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